4 unusual characteristics that men find amazing in women

Sure, you may have come across too many dating guides that stress on the same point over and over again to a point where you could guess what’s coming ahead. This isn’t something like that sister, so stay tuned.

Sometimes, you don’t even want to date anyone, but all you want to be that woman so popular and unique that all the men are drooling for you. You know it, I know it. But following mainstream techniques isn’t going to help much. That’s why you need to try out different ways.

Here are top 4 unusual characteristics of women that men go crazy for.

  • Being a fan of old school rock music

Being cool, being different and being badass has a rock vibe. Given how 70s, 80s, and even 90s were very well dominated by rock legends, being a rock fan will make you pretty awesome. It doesn’t matter what the guy you like listens to, and it is no absolute problem if there was no guy to begin with, when your music taste opens up old school rock music, not the modern noisy tracks, it will be something that could even go in your CV. Want some suggestions? Try some Guns n Roses, Queen and Slash or just tune into a classic rock radio station.

  • Maintaining the fair share of rudeness

Men naturally dominate in the room and the bedroom. But even the most dominant males likes a difference. When you know how to be rude in the right amount, using the right words at the right moment, it’s going to induce this whole new sexiness in you that make any man crave you. Since something like this cones with practice, try it out. Because if you want to know how to be irresistible to men, you’re going to have to be nice, semi nice and nice but rude, as ambiguous as it gets.

  • Being open minded about sexual attributes

Men dislike women who doesn’t like sex, period. Does this mean that you should go have sex with them? No. All you need to do is, show them that you’re not afraid of it and in fact you find it a little amusing. What man would say no to a funny little lady?

  • Well maintained relationships with male friends

Sounds unusual? Well it is what it is. Despite the popular opinions, we as men see it as a red flag when a woman is constantly hanging out with men. This doesn’t mean that you’re uncultured or ill-mannered but if you actually want to be exclusively amazing for men, try to maintain the relationships with males up to a limit.