Celebrating Tennis in the Land Down Under

Among the many recreational sports activities out there, ‘Tennis’ can be considered a very popular one which has been played and enjoyed by many around the world for a very long time. It is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone without any age limits and its sheer popularity has given way to four leading events that are being held annually on a worldwide scale, where the best of the best of the game come to showcase their talent. Known as the “Majors” or “Grand Slams” these international tournaments are: the ‘Australian Open’, the ‘US Open’, the ‘French Open’ and the ‘Wimbledon’. Among these, the one held in Australia is a very proud event for the people from the ‘Down Under’ as it tends to celebrate this exciting sport in style.

The History

Commencing in the year of 1905 at Melbourne, this major tennis event has been able to attract huge numbers who enjoy the game to the stands and the courts that were used to play has varied with time and current one is known to be made out of ‘Plexicushion’. The event has been held annually near the latter part of January and since 1988, the venue for it has been the infamous, ‘Melbourne Gardens’. Featuring the usual events such as the men’s singles, women’s singles, mixed doubles and even one for the juniors and players who are in wheelchairs, the participation of the world’s top ranking tennis players is what has made this tournament, all the more exciting.


The Attendance

The participation of crowds to this event is known be beaten only by the US Open attendees and the recorded number for 2017 was around 728,763. Also many online sites start to sell the tickets for this major event very early on so if you are on the lookout for the Australian open 2018 tickets, you will be able to find plenty of sites that offer them for affordable prices along with special offers too. The high numbers of spectators who flock in to witness the spectacle as well as the many forms of sponsorships that it has attracted over the years has allowed this competition to award a hefty amount of prize money for the winners and 2017’s total was a whopping 50,000,000 Australian Dollars.


The Reception

In addition to this, being able to win the prestigious ‘Norman Brookes Challenge Cup’ and ‘Daphne Ackhurst Memorial Cup’ which are respectively for the men’s singles and women’s singles events has also increased the allure for this tournament among professional players as it provides them with an opportunity to be the best and prove themselves to the whole world. This in turn has allowed it to become an event where not only the tennis fans of Australia, but fans across the entire world can come together and celebrate the beauty of the game.


This tournament officially kicking off the ‘Grand Slam’ tournaments of a particular year, has been a big reason why it attracts tennis enthusiasts in record numbers and the weather, spirit and support that Melbourne offers for the game has also been a huge reason for its success and why this event has become one of the biggest sporting events in all of Australia.