Different Types of Nursing Jobs

You might come across a lot of nurses whenever you visit a hospital. But nursing is not only limited to a hospital but certain other areas as well.  There are different types of nursing jobs and they are quiet experience for that specific field. A lot of nurses can actually help you than any other healthcare centers around you and the females work as nurses in majority. RN nurses are basically called registered Nurses and they exist in all the provinces and they also hold degrees in nursing for almost 4 years.  A nurse who practices commonly called a NP holds an advance diploma or a degree in the relevant field. Below are different types of nursing jobs you will come across.

Clinical Research Nurse

When it comes for looking for a Nursing jobs in Singapore you will definitely comes across a Clinical study observer. They will basically help you in starting up a research and carry out any kind of procedures. They will also maintain proper and high clinical standards and follow the rules. They also acts as advocates and advises patients and maintain proper and accurate notes to make sure that all the documents are up to date. They also train other nurses and becomes a team player and lead the team if the necessity arise.

What is a nurse educator?

These nurse educators are basically former nurses or they teach at nursing schools and acts as a trainer in most of the health care centers. These Nurses will have different kind of responsibilities and roles to play and adapt to the situation. Certain Educator nurses works part time as college instructor and some as clinical nurses. However, they are also should be able to share their knowledge andskillswith students. They also work with inexperienced nurses to teach them and give them the basic nursing procedures and as well as for the experienced nurses.

Retirement house nurses

Elders need a lot of attention and medical needs. And they should be looked after by professional and well experienced nurses.  However as geriatric nurse you will be assigned couple of duties like, measuring and reading records, and keep accurate patients records and coordinate with them in a gentle way. These nurses are not only responsible for the elder’s physical health, but also mental and emotional wellbeing. Since elderly people tend to get angrier, as a geriatric nurse you should be able to keep a close eye on them and keep them cheerful. You will also have to communicate with their family members incase if an emergency.