How to Make your Gallery Exhibition a Raging Success

Are you the creative type who has been itching to put on a show for friends and family, and perhaps the public? Are you looking to make some money off your talents by having a gallery exhibition? If this is going to be your first show, you’ll most likely feel a little lost at first. You may not be able to afford a pro to organize and set up for you, so here are some useful tips to help get you started.

Location, Date, and Prices

A local studio or gallery would generally be sufficient. However, depending on your style, theme, and audience, you may find that a café or warehouse might be a suitable alternative. Consider the lighting, the construction, and the décor when choosing the location. Set a date that gives you enough and more time to get everything in order, plus extra for any unexpected hiccups. Weekends are always best, as the only people who’ll be able to purchase your pieces will have to work during weekdays. Try to find out about weather forecasts and other events, so you have no competition to worry about. When it comes to setting prices, take all your expenses into consideration, including rent for the space, advertising, materials, and any other fees. Decide whether you’ll be charging entry as well.

Have a Theme

If you have enough artwork to choose from, pick pieces according to a particular theme. Audiences for most exhibitions want you to tell them a story. Take care not to be too vague, but don’t limit yourself either. If you don’t have enough artwork to be this picky, you could also try to find other artists with whom you could have a joint exhibition. Two or three artists may be able to present their work in a common theme.

Hire Out for Set Up

You should call professionals for art hanging Melbourne. If you have to mount paintings or display sculptures, you may not be equipped to install these yourself. Don’t risk damaging the pieces or the gallery by trying to DIY the installations. If the gallery has a team on hand who handle other exhibitions, you’ll just need to spend a little extra for their labour. Otherwise, hire a team exclusively to perform the installing and the removal afterwards as well.

Adding a Touch of Class

Depending on your style, theme, and audience, you might need to have certain refreshments available for guests of the exhibition. If you’re catering to a high-class audience, your best bet would be to serve some bubbly and canapés. If you can’t afford it, try to serve these at least on opening night. The exclusivity would influence the turnout. It would be especially elegant if you had some suitable background music softly playing. All this will create the atmosphere for your exhibition.


Do something especially unique for the marketing and advertising campaigns. Posters will be noticed in schools and universities, but your best bet is to capitalize on social media shares. Don’t hesitate to invite everyone. Just don’t spam people’s profiles, or you’ll only put people off. Design special invitations for a select crowd, and be sure to invite members of the press, as this will almost surely get you some media publicity.

These few suggestions alone will significantly contribute to the success, turnout, and revenue on your gallery exhibition.