How To Sell Tickets Online?

If you are hosting an event such as a play or a concert there are many aspects that you will need to look into. However, one of the most important aspects that you will have to look into is the aspects of selling tickets.


Selling tickets online will likely be quicker and easier than selling tickets in the old fashioned way. If you were to sell tickets by getting people to physically come and purchase the ticket it will not only be time-consuming but it will also require you to hire individuals to sit and sell tickets. However, if you were to sell tickets online as everything is electronically monitored you will not have to hire added hands in order to get the job done. Selling tickets online may also be more convenient for the individuals who are looking to buy tickets as it will be more convenient for them as they will be able to purchase tickets from the comfort of their home or offices.


If you are looking to sell AFL tickets online, then the first step would be to set up an event website. Building a website with a ticketing platform will be beneficial to you as it will allow you to successfully sell tickets online. You need to make sure that the website is not too complicated. This is important because some people can get frustrated easily and some may even be impatient. If the website is too complicated for them to understand they may even give up on the idea of purchasing a ticket. Therefore you should make sure the website is easy and simple to understand.

Make It Appealing

You should try and make your website appear as appealing as possible. You can do this by adding an interesting description and picture of the event that will make potential ticket buyers excited. If the show or event you are selling appears dull and boring it could put people off from seeing the show. Therefore you should try and make it as appealing as you can to the audience.

Method Of Payment

You need to decide on the method of payment that you want to go with. For example, you need to decide if you are only going to accept credit card payments or if methods such as PayPal can be used. You also need to state clearly which cards are accepted and which are not. For example, if an American Express card cannot be used then this needs to be mentioned.


You should state clearly to the public when ticket sales start and when they end. This is important because if people are not aware of when the ticket sales start and end then they could miss out on making their purchase.


In order for your sales to begin people first need to be aware that your event exits. Therefore it is important that you effectively advertise your event in order to spread awareness to the general public that an event is around the corner and ticket sales are about to begin.