How to take care of terrariums?

Terrariums are perfect as they are of low maintenance. However, there are a few tips that are needed to be known before you get or make your own terrarium, in order for you to ensure that it will be healthy and remain long.

If you attend any terrarium workshop Singapore based, you might be given these tips about how to care of terrariums.

  • If you get a terrarium made of ferns, then you need to ensure that you trim the leaves so that it does not overgrow.
  • If there are brown or yellow leaves, you will need to remove the leaves or the plant if it gets bad as this can be happening due to a pest or disease.
  • Monitor the open terrarium for any bugs, gnats or pests that will invade it.
  • Remove the lid off from the closed terrarium and let the planet get in some fresh air.

How to deal with bugs

If there are bugs, you will need to visit the gardening shop and get some insecticidal soap to apply on the affected area. You can use some rocks or pebbles to ensure that you will not end up over watering the plant. If the pests and other infected agents do not leave, you can change the plant and that means you need to remove the infect plant. Remember that keeping a sick plant can cause infect your other plants as well. When you are about to buy the plant, make sure hat you inspect it to make sure that there are no bugs on it.

How to water the terrariums?

You do not have to water the terrariums as often as outdoor or other indoor plants. There plants do not require watering frequently as the glass containers help act like a greenhouse and continuously water the plant. You can water open terrariums every two to four weeks and when it comes to the closed terrariums you can water it once a month on average.

How much sunlight is required?

Plants need sunlight in order for them to produce oxygen through photosynthesis by taking inthe carbon dioxide. There are three types of light that will help your terrarium live longer; direct and indirect sunlight and artificial light. However, you can stick to using LED or fluorescent bulbs and you should strongly keep the terrarium away from incandescent bulbs. If you place the closed terrarium in direct sunlight, ensure that you remove the lid for a little bit.

If you maintain your terrarium well, it will last for many years as long you provide love and care.