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Tips To Help You Maintain a Great Looking Car

Maintaining a great looking car is not something that just happens automatically. It happens with carefully and meticulously making sure that your vehicle is well cared for. Many people will buy a car and look after it for a short period of time after which they will simply forget to look after it in the same way that they did before or in the same regularity. Because of that we see many vehicles meeting an early ruin when they have a perfectly good lifespan ahead of them. Here are some ways in which you can make sure that your car is looking good always and also functions properly.

Apply Paint to Little Scratches or Chips

Once the paint on the body of your car has been breached, corrosion will start unless you do something to prevent it from happening. One of the best ways to do this would be to actually apply paint to even the tiniest scratches and chips on the car. You can take your car to a panel beater dandenong based on your location. Or if the damage is not too bad and is a very small chip, you can attempt to get the paint application done at home. The first thing that you will need to do is to get a touch-up paint from your manufacturer or car dealer and if you are unsure of the exact tone, get the dealer to match the colour code. Extract a tiny amount of paint into the lid of the paint tube and dip a wooden toothpick into that. Using the toothpick gently apply the paint to the chip in the bodywork. You will need to apply the clear coating afterward but read the instructions to see how long it has to dry before you can do that.
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Polish the Areas with Shallow Scratches

Polishing any areas with really small and shallow scratches will hide them well. You will need to buy a commercial polishing product and then apply a little amount of this on to the surface with an applicator after which you will need to rub it into the affected area really slowly. You can stop the polishing and check to see if the area that was damaged is still visible and if it is not visible you are good to go. If it is, continue to polish it until it is no longer visible. Once the polishing is completed, wash the surface with soap and water and apply wax once it is dry buffing until the surface shines.

Things You Will Routinely Need

It is smart to keep a small stock of emergency supplies at home in your garage where you can use them for routine maintenance of your car body. The items that you will need in general are polish, car paint, car wax, sponges or soft clothes, car clear body coating, wooden toothpicks and acrylic conditioners.