Understanding the basic features of CONSASS

Construction Safety Audit System or conSASS is an imperative feature for every auditing checklist and scorecard system which is used to adequately evaluate the effectiveness and growth of a company’s occupational safety and health management system.

Safer workplace

Workplaces can be a very hazardous area for employees, especially when the employees are involved with physical activities or are in an environment where they are prone to getting injured. Assessing the overall safety of a workplace through conSASS enables the company to manage their safety and health system, and find and fix those hazards before deploying your employees on the site which is imperative to reduce the possibility of them becoming injured or ill. This entails the protection of every employee that is in the field against such harm.

Save money

Through consass audit Finding and fixing hazardous areas of a company’s workplace is an investment worth taking because of it decreases the chances of liabilities of a company when an accident happens because it is less likely for these employees to even be at risk of getting injured or sick. Furthermore, such reduction of chances also reduces the chances of employees being sent to the hospital, as well as reduces the gravity of impact done upon to an employee.

Build better rapport

For companies that aim to increase their workforce, it will be a big boost to gain numerous and qualified applicants if they know that their health and safety is prioritized as they tend to review the company’s rapport which serves as their basis to determine whether they would choose to apply there or not.

Better quality service

A proper assessment and fixes of necessary areas that can be prone to the safety and health of an employee ensures that these employees will be able to do their work more productively and efficiently. This is because they have little to no obstacle along their work which can greatly affect their performance, thus leads to a better quality service, and faster and easier for them to finish the job.


Companies are required to be compliant with the safety standards that their governments provide which assures employees who plan on working in that company to be safe from possible threats against their health which guarantees the regulatory compliance of construction companies and other related companies for that matter. With the help of conSASS, it enables a company to have a quick and easy visualization of the maturity of the different elements audited. This then gives the company a better management system of responsibly doing their part to strengthen the weak areas in their system.