Create a happy atmosphere at work

Growth is a must for any business. It comes with not only the enhancement of machinery and premises, but also with people. Despite a business being a product company or a service organization, if the people who represent that company are not interested in taking it to the next level, there is no growth, nor profits or expansions. Therefore it is important that the employees are kept happy and content.

Research findings

A recent research done in the USA has revealed that money, as a motivating factor comes only at the fourth place when it comes to employee satisfaction. The top places are taken by (employment) security, work-life balance and intellectual stimulation. Although it is as such, you can’t simply go and refrain from granting salary increments. You may need to consider the industry you are in, what sort of employees there are and what are their main wants and needs. Money can have a saying in factory-workers life than in a top corporate executive’s life. You can also do a study if your own employees to see how they feel about it.

Inculcate a culture of responsible fun

Having fun should not be limited to outside world, or outside work. Increasingly tech giants such as google and Microsoft make their employees’ loves at work more fun and intellectually stimulating in an entertaining way. Having fun “responsibly” is a part of culture. Culture should start from the top; hence if you are a manager or CEO of this company remember to abide by a dress-down day, celebrate a birthday at office and have a movie nigh out with colleagues some time. Encourage others to step out their comfort zones and mingle with others. Why not go for an after-office drink or why not wear a polo to work? It is all in the top directive behaviour.

Look in to employee welfare

Every company should have a welfare committee and benefits such as medical insurance, higher study benefits etc. These are pretty mainstream now. What you can start anew is to listen to employee grievances in an informal wayand try to settle them. If you have a designated counselor people might not feel very comfortable in reaching out in the fear of being ridiculed or looked down at. But everyone has problems and what you can do to give a helping hand is to maybe have ateam of management and staff alike to listen to and give solutions to employee problems in the sly. It will add a large value to the day-to-day life of any employee.

A happy bunch is a productive bunch. Show you care and you can win that battle with no fears.