How to have a great roller stand design

Roll Up Banner Stands, additionally known as roller Banners or Pull Up Banners, are an critical resource for any exhibitor trying to stand out at an exhibition or alternate show. They also can be used to make a large effect in your keep or workplace as a wonderful addition on your factor of sale cloth. Getting the right layout and facts on your banner stand is so essential on the subject of generating an effect. One way of making sure your Roll Up Banner will make an impact is with the aid of getting the design proper.

Below are five hints for designing an effective roll up banner:

Preserve your logo on top

Use the top of the stand to show your enterprise brand and middle message. It’s far essential to have your predominant information at eye level so whether this is your slogan, a product or your webpage, ensure that it would to grab a person’s attention as they walk past it.

Think left to right

Purchasers are used to analysing from top to bottom and left to right so remember this whilst filling your banner with data. It is also crucial to simplest consist of applicable statistics and keep phrases to a minimal. Remember that greater records can usually be provided by way of your sales group or associated brochures, flyers and strut cards. test out our current blog submit on why much less is greater whilst designing your roll up banner stand.


If you are going to comprise of any photos in your roll ups, at that point guarantee that they might be extraordinary. They should be set at 300 dpi and put away as CMYK for print. Try not to pull a picture straight from a site and spot it into your format as it may be horrible five star and spared as RGB. Consider you are endeavouring to catch individuals’ consideration and attract them closer to your items. When you have a shortage of appropriate photographs, look at our weblog on five of the decent sites without spending a dime stock pictures and get started on structure up a library of eminence free pics that you could utilize.


Let colour be your companion when designing your roll up banner stand printing Singapore. Colours can assist to make your product stand out at an exhibition however they have to tie in and paintings nicely with your existing company hues and of course your brand. It’s also critical to remember the effect of history colour of your roll up stand when it comes to textual content and photos. All pics and textual content must be clean and easy to read on your stand. Vivid colourings like red and orange can in reality snatch the attention however make certain to keep away from the use of yellow and white together because it may be truly hard to make out any information, mainly from distance.

Contact info

One final issue to keep in mind while designing your roll up banner stand is your contact information. this is specifically critical for an exhibition where you could not get speak to all people in attendance. contact info will supply visitors’ facts on a way to great touch you have to they need to avail of your offerings or discover greater approximately a product. encompass your website, touch wide variety and electronic mail cope with. An agency address and social media channel like Twitter and fb could also be used to offer customers with any other channel to contact you by any means. Contact details are frequently first-class placed toward the bottom of a banner stand but they should be clean to study and clean to discover.

A Roll Up Banner can actually help your services or products stand out at your next exhibition however it’s far vital that you get the design fundamentals right. Our guide to designing for print will provide you with more records on what to bear in mind whilst designing your Roll Up Banner, consisting of how to shop PDF files for digital print.