Most Popular Apps For iOS And Android

There are millions of apps on both iOS and Android app stores. The number of apps just keeps growing and growing. Initially when these app stores launched, there were only limited apps, thereafter, as more people began developing, this number grew. The applications that are downloaded are similar between both iOS and Android. Some applications have millions of downloads while some only a handful of downloads.

Both Android and iOS are competitors. Since both mobile OS’s have a large user base, developers develop applications for both OS’s rather than being exclusive. There are instances where some applications are exclusive but it is becoming rarer and rarer. Here are the most popular apps for iOS and Android.


The Facebook application is available in both Android and iOS. It is one of the most downloaded application. This is due to the popularity of Facebook. The application is basically a streamlined version of the Facebook website. It makes it easier to navigate the site. The application is popular because most people don’t have time to access the website through a computer, therefore, they prefer to check on everything through their phone. This number will only keep on increasing as more and more people use their phones as their primary internet access device.


YouTube is an application made by Google to access, view, upload, rate and share videos. This application gives access to the website but similar to the Facebook application, in a streamlines and mobile friendly manner. YouTube in general is a popular video sharing sites with millions of hours of content. Since most users cannot stay in front of a computer the whole day, the mobile app was developed. This way, people can access YouTube from anywhere, even when they’re commuting.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an application that is developed by Google and available for both Android and iOS. Initially the application was only available on Android devices but the app development process for iOS begun as well. It is one of the most downloaded apps in both Android and iOS app stores. The application is very useful for smartphone because it helps you identify where you are and how to get to your location. Further, the application also has turn by turn voice navigation as well. It is a fully featured application very useful for finding places.


WhatsApp is an application that is made primarily for chatting. It has been available for a few years now and its very popular all around the world. The application also has the ability to call other WhatsApp users as well. The application uses data to make calls and send messages. It is a cost effective method of chatting and calling.