What You Need To Know Before Getting a Dog

Pets can be incredibly wonderful companions to have around, and dogs especially so. Of all animal species, dogs are those who have connected with us humans the most, and the bond we share is quite surreal. We understand each other very well, and long-time dog owners even know what their dog is thinking if it so much as looks in another direction.  You are not just bringing home a dog mind you; you are opening up your home to another family member. One that is also better than most other family members probably! That said, perhaps this list of tips to bear in mind before you get your dog could be useful.

Emergency Costs

Honestly, it is a lot easier to budget for expenses like food, pet supplies and so on that you know it will need on a regular basis, but actually, what you should be looking at is the expenses you will have to bear during emergencies. Can your income support this comfortably? Remember you also have to think about your medical emergency needs as well as your dog’s. Can you support the both of you? These things happen unannounced and out of the blue so you want to be sure that in case of a life and death situation, you can always offer your fullest support. If you feel you are not there yet, do not take on the responsibility of caring for another life. At least, not yet.

The Supplies

Your pooch is going to want its own favourite corner, chew toys and other knick-knacks that make up the life of a dog. These are not always that expensive, unless of course you plan on blowing up a fortune on them in which case, that is completely your choice. However, important things like comfortable and quality dog bedding can be easily found for a reasonable price, so your pup has a designated sleeping area as well. Of course the chances of your dog actually sleeping on it cannot be guaranteed, but at least it will be there!


You are going to either need to get your dog fitted for a collar and tag, or consider the option of microchipping. There are horrible people who do steal dogs, purebreds to be exact, because they can be sold for exorbitant amounts of money. Needless to say, you would not want your pooch to go through this, nor do you want it wandering about lost and alone on the streets, so make sure you have some sort of tracking enabled for it. The aim is to be able to trace your dog in next-to-no-time if it goes missing.


Not just professional grooming, but grooming at home. By you. Which means that this too is one of your many responsibilities. Your dog also needs his teeth brushed, coat washed and fluffed, and long-haired dogs in particular will need to tackle matting, spurs and other sorts of complications which again you have to assist with. You also need to trim their nails so they can run about with ease, and ensure there are no ticks or fleas trying to set up camp. Remember, the right grooming techniques are essential for their health and well-being.